Beckett House

Our objectives were to replace the rooftop plant with 2 Air Cooled Chillers and 2 Air Handling Units

Chase Farm Hospital

This was the first package Heat Pump unit 1st Systems helped to design and install

Eastbourne General Hospital

Air Handling Unit and matching Air Cooled Heat Pump Chiller

F.D. Copeland

Our objective was to provide heating, ventilation and filtration to the Essential Oil Mixing Facility

Ham Yard Hotel

To provide heating, air conditioning, fresh air and filtration to the many rooms in the hotel.

Eco-­Design Directive

The key objective is to reduce carbon emissions across the EU by 20% before 2020, it is now UK law and policed by the NMRO (was Weights & Measures)

Split in a tranche of efficiencies for products delivered after January 2016 and increasing levels after January 2018

It does not recognise all the significant work in the UK that we have undertaken in compliance with the more contextual and relevant Part L 2013 Regulations, but operates in tandem with it.