case study

F. D. Copeland

F.D. Copeland & Sons was founded by Frederick Dennis in 1937, and specialises in the distillation and blending of a variety of essential oils including citrus and mint.
Many of their oils end up in a variety of household products including cold remedies, detergents and air fresheners. 

advanced air handling units (AHUs), specifically developed for energy efficiency, reliability and operational performance

The Task

Working with our client, GC Partnership of Ashford, Kent (

As part of their relocation from Central London to Woolwich, our objective was to provide heating, ventilation and filtration to the Essential Oil Mixing Facility. Issues were that they didn’t have a readily available heating source i.e. a boiler hot water supply. The unit was subsequently configured with an indirect gas fired burner.

Other tasks were to reduce concentrations of essential oils such as Lavender and Eucalyptus, by using a three stage filtration system including carbon absorption. 

Our other principle objective was to be as energy efficient as possible using a plate heat exchanger and EFF1 motors

Our solution

Install an Indirect Gas Fired Air Handling Unit

Supply Side                                
Inlet Shut-Off Damper  
Panel Filer G4    
Plate Heat Exchanger 
Direct Drive Plug Fan 
Indirect Gas Fired Heater
Access Section    
Bag Filter F7

Exhaust Side
G3 Permanent Washable Filter
G4 Panel Filter
Carbon Filter Section
Plenum with Integrated Pre-Wired Controls
Plate Heat Exchanger
Direct Drive Plug Fan
Shut-Off Damper

Beckett House

Our objectives were to replace the rooftop plant with 2 Air Cooled Chillers and 2 Air Handling Units

Chase Farm Hospital

This was the first package Heat Pump unit 1st Systems helped to design and install

Eastbourne General Hospital

Air Handling Unit and matching Air Cooled Heat Pump Chiller

F.D. Copeland

Our objective was to provide heating, ventilation and filtration to the Essential Oil Mixing Facility

Ham Yard Hotel

To provide heating, air conditioning, fresh air and filtration to the many rooms in the hotel.